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De works with realtors, builders, architects, and developers, as well as individual property owners.  Count on a generous selection of bright, crisp images to fully highlight your property.  Adding fluffy cloud skies and fire in fireplaces is standard, and all verticals are straight, window views enhanced.  De continues to develop her skills and takes great joy and pride in her work.  Her dedication to creating clean and beautiful images is evident in every finished project.

De has had a life-long love for photography, beginning in the darkroom as a teenager, becoming an avid photo buff, and developing a passion for graphic arts and expertise in Photoshop.   Following a career in marketing and sales, she has brought that experience into photography, staging, and image enhancement.  She completed formal training in Photoshop and photography, and started offering portraits, architectural, and a variety of commercial services.  By 2012 architectural images had become her specialty and full-time occupation.  

For more information, call or text 269-861-9625, or use the contact form on this page.  See what great images will do for your sales!